5 Feb 2016

Carnival time

This is a video we have to keep in touch with  
"Le Carnaval des Animaux"
Listen to Camille Saint-Saen's piece of music and tried to identify which pieces of music represented the animals and why.
Then we learnt the vocabulary for type of animal, colour and adjectives to describe them.

2 Feb 2016

Happy Groundhog Day!

There's an important legend in Catalonia about "la Candelera" (February 2nd). It's celebrated just in the half winter and people say that "Si la Candelera plora, l´hivern és fora; si la Candelera riu, el fred és viu". So, this legend is about weather.
In Pennsylvania there's another one about marmots or groundhogs. It says that an early spring is on its way if you don't see this animal's shadow, but it's six more weeks of winter if you Do see.
Whatever the weather predicts, families will surely dig these adorable Groundhog Cupcakes. 
By the way, if you are a teacher, maybe you are interested in this pdf. You will find flashcards to work this special day with your students.

31 Jan 2016

The present

Hi everyone!! 
I have just watched a story that has touched the bottom of my heart.
That is the video below and it has won more than 50 prizes in 180 film festivals and it has seen by almost 900,000 people. One of this people, me! ;D 
The video tells the story of a boy who is playing video games. Then, he receives a lovely puppy,  but he does not seem to be interested in the animal. Then everything changes. If you want to know the reason, watch the video.  I highly recommend it!

30 Jan 2016

After school activities

Look at the posters above. What are they about?
Which activities from the posters do you like?
Do you do after-school activities? Which ones?

29 Jan 2016

Never stop learning


I'm living days of changes and taking important decisions. That's the reason because I decided to write and to upload the image above. That means a lot in my professional level. To empathise, to understand , to have the confidence to say "No" or to say "Yes" when I feel a challenge in my job.
Nowadays, I'm ready to say that next month is going to be an important one for me. I'm a passionate person and that is why I do what I do.
Have a nice weekend!

28 Jan 2016

Playing and learning

Hi you all!
Here you have an amazing learning activity. You need a bee-bot. You can tell it to move forward and back. Also turn right and left by pressing the arrow keys.


Can you imagine the possibilities that we have to learn new vocabulary?
With this small bee-bot you can work whatever you want. 

25 Jan 2016

Telling the time

Hi everyone!
Here you have clear images to review time.
They are linking with some activities, so click on them and follow the instructions.
Before doing the activities, review the time with the next picture. 

24 Jan 2016

22 Jan 2016

21 Jan 2016

Common mistakes

As an English teacher, many times I think about the common mistakes that children make when they learn English . I know that they are learning the language and I tolerate some mistakes but there are some of them in the spelling and building words that they are repetitive.
If you are an English teacher, take an opportunity to talk to your children about them and tell them to make a funny notebook with them so that they can read as a personal book.

By the way, here is a fun song about this issue. 
It's for little older kids who are able to spell longer, more difficult words.